MICS Compiler Launched

The MICS Compiler was launched yesterday at UNICEF's Global Monitoring and Evaluation Consultation meeting in New York.

Click here (www.micscompiler.org) to access MICS Compiler.

As the name suggests, MICS Compiler compiles results from MICS surveys. Survey results become easily accessible to users through a user-friendly interface.

The indicators that are included in MICS Compiler use standard definitions for international comparability.

At present, MICS Compiler includes information from 26 MICS3 surveys, on 39 indicators. Users can produce tables and graphs using the information uploaded to the Compiler.

The compiler will be progressively populated with the remaining MICS3 countries and the remaining indicators that can be calculated by using MICS3 data sets. MICS4 survey results will also be included as they become available. During the second phase of the MICS Compiler development, mapping capability will also be introduced.